We are a traveler family. What began as a web serie on YouTube, ended up being a travel TV show on the national Spanish TV: 'My family in the backpack', with 5 seasons already broadcasted! We opened the first backpacker hostel in Granada in 2004. With all that learning, we embarked on our new project, ECO Hostel, which was born in 2018 when we saw that there was a growing need for alternative accommodation for conscientious travelers.


The materials used to restore the historic building are all upcycled bricks, doors, chairs tiles, walls … from those that were in the construction at the earliest 1900 when it was built. They have been given a new purpose and life as part of the unique furniture design. Hostel building uses aero thermal energy to provide hostel hot water, AC and heating systems as well as leds for all lighting. Bathrooms are stocked with body-lotion shampoo refilled instead of using the classic plastic waste one use packaging amenities. As water is a precious resource all over the world but much more in Andalusia, all showers are equipped with push buttons and toilets offer half discharge to take care of this scarce resource. In the hostel you will find several recycling stations and bio bags in the kitchen to store your food as well as a food sharing point. The water bottles we sell are made of recycled plastic and part of their sales is invested in social projects for water access in developing countries. We also collaborate with the 'Ayudame 3D' project that gives away prosthetics made with printed recycled plastic


With all our effort and love, we have embodied our experience in this magical and sustainable project that we wish you like. For sure we can do more, our purpose it is to keep on learning everyday trying to combine strict government demands for lodging with sustainable initiatives that comply with all the regulations.


At ECO Hostel you will find all the services of a hotel but in a traveling, relax, cosmopolitan and happy atmosphere of a hostel. You can meet people from all over the world, enjoy and rest. We hope that the creative decoration of ECO Hostel will inspire our guests to create their own eco-conscious spaces and to take a little piece of both, the city and the accommodation, in their memories

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